The Grime Report

The Grime Report, released in 2017, is a game-changing document that charts the growth, popularity and significance of grime in the UK. Initiated by the Black Music Research Unit, it was delivered by Ticketmaster through sponsorship from Live Nation. The Grime Report uses interviews, cultural history and statistical analysis to consolidate and present the impact grime has had on British musical identity. With a foreword and interview by the BMRU’s director, Mykaell Riley, The Grime Report exemplifies the urgency and relevance of the unit’s research, and offers proof of the commercial and industry appetite for accessible, comprehensive work on grime and Black-British music. The Grime Report deals with Form 696, legislation used to unjustly impede on live performance of grime in the UK, and uses raw ticket-buying data supplied by Ticketmaster to evidence the popularity and dominance of the genre in the British live-performance circuit, particularly in cities like London. The document remains an incredibly important insight into the rise of grime and its relationship with commercial performance venues, and the research informed policy consultations and changes involving London’s Night Czar and City Hall. 

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You can read the report below: