Research Projects

Bass Culture

Bass Culture is the first Arts and Humanities Research Council award to the Black Music Research Unit at the University of Westminster. It takes the form of a three-year academic research project exploring the impact of Jamaican and Jamaican-influenced music on British culture.

State of Play: Grime

The Grime Report, released in 2017, is a game-changing document that charts the growth, popularity and significance of grime in the UK. Initiated by the Black Music Research Unit, it was delivered by Ticketmaster through sponsorship from Live Nation.


The African Music Summit (AMS) the first summit was last November in partnership with PPL. The second AMS is now being worked on destination Ghana. 2024

Music and Health

Prostate Cancer 2023

Genre Stories

Afrobeat to Aerobats 2023

Music Alumni

Women in Music 2023